May 3, 2013


acid attacks in pakistan

This highlights the fact that there is seriously something so fundamentally wrong with the mentality of some Pakistani (and generally South Asian) men, seeing as most of these attacks are the result of a rejected marriage proposal. So upsetting.

When you say some, it is a lot, some Pakistani men means that there are less than half of Pakistani male population carrying out these horrendous attacks. Please don’t say that, be fair I am not condoning these attacks, in fact the men who did this need to be shot, but generalise the actions of 0.0001% Pakistani men on a lot of Pakistani men is an insult. My mum rejected two marriage proposals and she didn’t get thrown acid at. These women are Pakistani and are the bravest women in the world, don’t insult their nationality. The few men who did this, did it because they were twisted, excuse for human beings, who have no value to offer to Earth, it had nothing to do with where they were from. 1 of 6 U.S. women have experienced an attempted or completed rape. Does that mean some American men are rapists? No, it only means the people who committed rape are rapists. So treat the problem as a problem not a cultural problem.

P.S. I wish the men who did this die the most painful deaths.

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April 22, 2013

shakespeareinthedark said: May I ask what happens to Theon Greyjoy in the books that makes the show so very laughable?

He is tortured by Ramsay Snow, the bastard of Roose Bolton. He loses most of his fingers and several toes. Ramsay broke and removed several of his teeth, as a result it is excruciating for him to eat anything other than soup and softened bread. In the books it is also implied, though not confirmed, that Ramsay removed Theon’s genitals. His hair has turned extremely white and looks like an old man, also he was never allowed to bathe, therefore he is covered in his own excrement and dirt, and he slept with the dogs. He is mentally and physically broken and can never return to his old self, because he can’t use a bow anymore and has lost 70% of his body weight. Also he makes himself forget who he his and lives in constant fear of Ramsay.

April 22, 2013

Theon Greyjoy gets off so easy in the tv show, it’s almost laughable compared to what happens to him in the books.

March 31, 2013

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March 31, 2013

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March 30, 2013



Give it a listen?

March 21, 2013

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March 20, 2013

You know why I don’t like the Jeff and Annie ship, it’s because it’s so cliche, the good looking guy on the show has to end up with the good looking girl on the show, it always happens, every freaking movie and every freaking show.

So support the Annie and Abed ship because they are meant to be together!

October 27, 2012
Walter Bishop & The Doctor explain some things to Olivia.


Walter: ‘Most of us experience life as a linear progression.. BUT .. um .. Doctor..’

The Doctor: ‘… yea.. but it’s more like a big bowl of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff’

September 30, 2012
To be honest, The Angels Take Manhattan wasn’t heartbreaking.